Triratna Tokyo is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community, an international Buddhist movement that has the goal of expressing the traditional principles of Buddhism in the modern world.

Founded in London in 1967 by Urgyen Sangharakshita, and originally called the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order, Triratna’s unique approach has enabled a living Buddhism to flourish in diverse cultures across the world.

At the heart of this community is the Triratna Buddhist Order. The Order is neither monastic, nor lay, but simply Buddhist. Order members attempt to live out the Buddha’s teachings of Wisdom and Compassion as the primary commitment of their lives, whatever the particular circumstances of those lives may be.

We offer introductions to Buddhism, meditation, in a friendly and relaxed environment. Please feel free to get in touch, or follow us on social media – links below. We teach online at present and offer a drop-in meditation in English for Tokyo and further-afield! and also online courses in Buddhist Meditation in English as well.


東京トリラトナグループは、現代社会の中で伝統的仏教の実践を目的とした国際仏教運動:Triratna Buddhist Communityの一部です。フレンドリーでリラックスした環境の中、瞑想を含めた仏教の基礎を提供しています。

For more information on Meditation Tokyo or Buddhism Tokyo, send an email to or find us on Line: Tokyo Triratna Group.