Journey into Meditation and exploring Buddhism with Aryapala


Guest speaker Aryapala, who is a member of the Triratna Buddhist Order, will be presenting a session on meditation and various aspects of Buddhism.

Aryapala’s journey into Buddhism began at the age of 19 in Melbourne, Australia.
With a dedicated practice spanning 28 years, he has resided at a Buddhist Retreat Centre in the UK for 14 years, serving as the Director for 4 years.

Aryapala’s focus lies particularly on meditation, having engaged in numerous retreats under the guidance of experienced teachers.

In 2017, he completed the Shikoku 88 temple Pilgrimage and has cultivated a growing interest in Japanese culture over the years.

During his six-week stay in Tokyo, he will guide you through meditation sessions and welcome questions and discussions on Buddhism.

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参加費: 1,000 円
予約: 事前予約は不要です。ぜひお気軽に!

Suggested donation of ¥1,000

At the heart of this community is the Triratna Buddhist Order. The Order is neither monastic, nor lay, but simply Buddhist. Order members attempt to live out the Buddha’s teachings of Wisdom and Compassion as the primary commitment of their lives, whatever the particular circumstances of those lives may be.